Pipe Down Law Enforcement Training

Pipe Down Law Enforcement Training

Quieter Neighborhoods
Safer Streets

Making California a quieter place to live...
One vehicle at a time.

Dodge Challenger exhaust smoke

Why so loud?

Numerous studies have shown the ill effects of loud, prolonged noises on our physical and mental health. Pipe Down aims to end noisy neighborhoods and make streets safer.

See more training benefits

Illegal Exhaust Training

Does your department need training to deal with loud modified vehicle noise complaints? Learn why departments all over California are taking the training and getting results.

Training Overview

Pipe Down Holds Up in Court

Read how the Pipe Down training system has been used successfully in court cases, and how law enforcement agencies around California have benefitted from the training.

Read Their Stories

What happens when modded cars hit the road in California

Trusted By Departments All Over California:

Daily City Police Department
San Mateo County Sheriff's Office
Woodland Police Department
Salinas Police Department
Belmont CA Police Department
Brisbane CA Police Department
Broadmoor Police Department
Burlingame Police Department
Colma Police Department
Elk Grove Police Department
Central Marin Police Authority
Monterey Police Department
San Francisco Police Department
South San Francisco Police Department
San Bruno Police Department
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