Pipe Down Law Enforcement Training


What Law Enforcement Leaders and Attorneys are saying about Pipe Down

Over a dozen of our officers received training from Pipe Down. Now, when potential side show and street racer participants begin to gather, we are able to respond quickly and professionally. As a result, we have observed a notable decline in this type of activity.

Manuel Martinez
Deputy Chief, Salinas PD

As a defense lawyer with 40+ years of experience, I feel qualified to judge the effectiveness of a police strategy. This is a creative solution to an annoying problem. I endorse this training wholeheartedly.

Geoff Carr
Attorney at Law, Redwood City, CA

After attending Pipe Down training in 2020, I have written over 200 citations for vehicle noise violations using a sound meter. Not only is the training effective in the field, but it's also well received by the courts.

Brett Murphy
Sergeant, San Mateo Co. Sheriff's Office

I've hosted three classes and witnessed the impact: hundreds of tickets and many satisfied residents. Worth the time and expense!

Andrew Armando
Captain, Belmont PD

Excessive vehicle noise poses a quality of life concern for our residents. Pipe Down has provided training and equipment to our officers, allowing them the opportunity to address this issue in a proven and professional manner.

Officers now have the confidence to conduct enforcement stops and cite violators, often sending them to the State Referee for compliance. I highly recommend this training to jurisdictions facing similar challenges.

Cameron Christensen
Chief, Daly City PD
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