Pipe Down Law Enforcement Training

Course Description

Getting Familiar with Illegal Exhaust Enforcement

Are loud vehicles and exhaust violations an ongoing issue?

Is issuing a citation and proving the violation in court a problem?

Does your team lack the training to subjectively assess the potential of a violation?

Does your team lack tools to objectively measure the violation?

Course Description

This course enables law enforcement personnel to effectively enforce California Vehicle Code laws pertaining to exhaust modifications that exceed legal decibel limits. The course consists of two parts; first, classroom instruction where attendees learn the basics of sound, applicable vehicle code sections, the proper type of equipment and how to use it correctly, and how to issue a citation and testify successfully in court.

In the second part, attendees set up the equipment in a non-enforcement setting until they’re comfortable with the process. Next, they go out into the field and conduct enforcement stops and issue citations. The instructor will be available during the enforcement phase to address questions and assist as needed.


At the conclusion of the training, students will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to professionally issue a citation, address any concerns with the violator in the field, and finally in the event the citation is contested, be able to articulate their actions successfully before a referee or commissioner in court.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course, students are expected to:

1. Understand and be able to articulate basic definitions and principals of sound.

2. Understand the difference between objective and subjective conclusions.

3. Master professional measuring equipment to set up a scientifically approved roadside test.

4. Know how to identify cutouts and bypasses, and the sections needed to issue a citation.

5. Understand methods for identifying and testing adjustable exhaust systems in newer vehicles and how to overcome resistance during the citation process.

6. Develop strategies for dealing with repeat offenders.

7. Be able, with confidence, to issue citations in the field to violators.

8. Know how to testify professionally in court, as well as becoming familiar with case law that can be introduced in order to overcome potential legal objections.

Departments can purchase the exhaust noise testing kit at training:
  • one Type 2 Sound meter
  • one ¼ to 3/8 Steel adapter
  • one Sound meter calibrator
  • one Mini tripod
  • one Plastic protractor
  • one 6‐foot Tape measure

All items are contained in a hard plastic storage case.

Please contact us for pricing information.
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