Pipe Down Law Enforcement Training

Benefits We Offer Clients

Community, Credibility, Value

Community relations / tranquility — Noise related vehicle code violations are a common source of citizen complaints. Officers who attend this class will be able to address this noise problem, logically leading to an enhanced quality of life for citizens in your jurisdiction.

Credibility — Officers and Deputies have issued hundreds of tickets since Pipe Down’s first class in 2020. To date, all contested tickets have been ruled in favor of law enforcement.

Courtroom testimony — Students receive instruction in courtroom testimony that is effective and compelling. These enhanced skills are transferrable to other court cases.

Value — A medium sized agency can be trained and equipped for an average cost of $2,750.00. This estimate is based on training six officers at $175.00 per student and purchasing two enforcement kits at $850.00 per unit.

Immersion — Exhaust enforcement is transformed from mystery to mastery in eight hours. Before attending, most students have never issued a citation for exhaust noise. At the conclusion of the training, students will have the skills and confidence necessary to issue citations for loud exhaust.

Professional instruction — Training is based on established scientific standards. Students receive instruction in sound basics, use and maintenance of approved testing equipment, and how to tie it all together in the field. Certification is provided at the conclusion of the class.

Learning to sell the ticket — Students learn how to deal with pushback in the field, specifically demonstrating to the violator the actual reading on the meter, how the test is conducted, and how to answer questions they might receive.

Engaging — Curriculum is presented in a dynamic and engaging fashion with an abundance of hands-on training and examples.

Hands-on / practical / results — In the second half of the class, students put the “rubber to the road”, transitioning from classroom training to real world ticket writing. The instructor will be available during the enforcement phase to address questions and assist as needed.

Sideshow deterrent — Regularly issuing loud exhaust citations creates an unwelcome environment for potential street racer / sideshows. When “word on the street” indicates your agency is zero tolerant and highly trained, they are likely to take their events elsewhere.

Track history — Very positive reviews with strong references and results.

Backed Up By Science - Numerous studies confirm that prolonged exposure to loud noises (even when you're asleep), attribute negatively to mental and physical health in people of all ages. See the studies below for some shocking information about the effects of loud cars and other noise makers:

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