Pipe Down Law Enforcement Training

Training Overview

Ticketing noise pollution with reliable measuring gear and training

Does your community receive ongoing complaints about loud modified vehicles?

Do you feel loud vehicles diminish the quality of life for citizens living in your community?

Do you want a plan in place should street racers / sideshows visit your community?

Do you want to do something proactive, but feel you lack training and the proper equipment?

What is Pipe Down Training?

Pipe Down provides officers with 8 hours of professional training giving them the confidence they need to subjectively determine when a noise violation is occurring and to have the skills to objectively measure the decibels of vehicles that are out of compliance.

Officers overwhelmingly endorse this training system because they get the training needed to:

  • deal with pushback confidently
  • be prepared for courtroom testimony
  • reduce sideshow activity, and
  • return tranquility back to the community they serve

There have been decibel limits on vehicles for years. But until now there has not been a workable solution to measure the decibels in a manner that could be proven in court.

Pipe DownTM was created to solve this problem with training that's easy to understand and equipment that can be set up quickly and efficiently. By combining training and the right equipment, Police and Sheriff Departments have successfully increased their ability to issue vehicular noise citations that stand up in court.

Get the Gear

Pipe Down gear comes in a compact case (9½” x 7½”) that includes a sound meter to scientifically verify the decibels, a meter calibrator to ensure accuracy, a tripod and other needed equipment to fairly measure the noise violation using principles approved by the Society of Automotive Engineers (S.A.E.). See the full list of equipment here.
Kits are provided for student use during the class and can be purchased.

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